The GRVL-XX Project


ArMan here. I’ve been riding and presenting gravel events since 2011. Considering that many of my regular rider pals are women I was struck with how few female riders were actually showing up at the organized events, typically 15% or below. It didn’t make sense; you can speculate the reasons why but, instead, I decided to do something about it. In 2015 I offered a significant number of free entries for women into my gravel events (Raid Rockingham and Raid Lamoille) and also arranged a few free entries into other promoters’ events. In 2016 I formalized and expanded this effort.

Oh, and I dubbed it the GRVL-XX project – a nod to my pals who populate the GRVL-XX Facebook page.  Facebook Button

2017 information appears below – PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE COMP CODE AVAILABILITY!







Our Premise: Let’s get more women riding in gravel events!


Your Promise:

For each free entry you receive through this project you must announce your participation in the ride via social media (including reference to the GRVL-XX Project) AND recruit at least one more paying female rider to join you at the particular event. We’re on the honor system here.


The Process (aka Rules):

Due to the large number of events and potential requests I am requiring a separate email request with an event-specific subject line for each request.

You may request entries for more than one event but please be thoughtful of others; while we appreciate enthusiasm please limit your requests to a maximum 2-3 events so others can have a shot.

Request codes for only those events where you are sure you can attend and deliver on your Promise. If you are already registered for an event please allow others to participate in this program but do spread the word!

Legitimate requests (per the Process above) will be honored in the order received while the code supply lasts for each event.

Email to:


The Premium (aka free rides):

The roster below includes events for which I’ve obtained – donated, cadged or bought – a specified number of free entries for female riders. Some are still under negotiation and will be posted as confirmed. Updates will be announced on GRVL-XX Facebook page. Please request only by events that have remaining active codes. 

2017 Schedule

INFO UPDATED AS OF Jul 19, 2017:


Fatty Walrus (hey, it’s snow on top of gravel:) – February 12 – Event date passed!

Polartec FattyFest (hey, it’s snow on top of gravel:) – February 26 – Event date passed!

Vermont Overland Maple Adventure Ride  – March 26th – Event date passed!

Rasputitsa – April 22nd – Event date passed!

Muddy Onion – April 29th – Event date passed!

Raid Rockingham – June 4th – Event date passed!

Raid Lamoille – July 8th – Event date passed!

Vermont Overland Grand Prix – August 27th – all codes claimed but still register!

Kearsarge Klassic – September 9th – 4 codes remain available!